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Boulevard Arts, Inc. - Boulevard AR  artwork Boulevard AR
Boulevard Arts, Inc.
Genre: Education
Price: $ 2.99
Release Date: March 29, 2018

Exploring works of art has never been so immediate, personal and transporting. Boulevard AR brings to life one of the most celebrated paintings of the world-renowned Tudor collection from London’s National Portrait Gallery. The Portrait of Sir Henry Unton is introduced by Charlotte Bolland, the museum’s Curator of 16th Century Collections, who narrates and guides the immersive experience through nine individual vignettes, allowing the user to independently explore this fascinating and unusual work of art. You can place the Unton portrait on a wall, in your own space, hold up your device and move towards the painting for close-up looking; tap to activate further special elements. Period music and enhanced dimensionality make your encounter with history even more meaningful and complete.

Through augmented reality, Boulevard Arts is reshaping the landscape of storytelling and revolutionizing the way the world looks at the arts. Bring the Portrait of Sir Henry Unton into your world and see what unfolds.

-Simple UI: tap to activate.

-User-driven experience; self-guided discovery and learning.

-8K image–move in closer to see fine details of artist’s unique brushwork and application of oil paint; user can get closer than ever possible in a museum.

-Learn about themes and ideas of Tudor politics, society and culture directly from senior Curator.

-First of many Boulevard Arts ARKit 1.5 experiences that will offer engaging and entertaining learning opportunities through visual arts content.

– Recommended for use with ARkit ready devices. Also available on any device running iOS 11 or higher.

-Ecosystem of Boulevard Arts provides a broad humanities-based exploration of art and culture.

*Music credit: Lachrimae, or Seven Tears – 9. Sir Henry Umpton's Funeral by I Solipsisti is licensed under CC by 3.0
© © Boulevard Arts, Inc. 2018. BOULEVARD® is a registered trademark of Boulevard Arts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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