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Impala Studios - Calculator HD  artwork Calculator HD
Impala Studios
Genre: Utilities
Release Date: December 21, 2011

Calculator HD combines the Standard & Scientific calculator, with extensive & easy functionality options. Calculator HD is Fast, Accurate and Beautiful, it's everything you need right in the palm of your hand!

• Basic Calculation Buttons
• Mathematical / Scientific Buttons – hidden in iPhone portrait view
• Calculate with Degrees or Radians
• Percent Button
• Memory Button
• History View: Save, Copy & Forward
• Backspace Button – Slide/Swipe the Result Screen or use the Back Button
• Quick Equation View
• Split View
• Hand off support (continue calculation on other devices via spotlight or app manager)

Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Percentages
Cubic Exponent, Cubic Root
Engineering Exponent
Nth Exponent, Nth Root
Power of E, Power of Ten, Power of Two
Square, Square Root
Natural Logarithm, Common Logarithm, Binary Logarithm
Sine, Cosine, Tan
Arc Sine, Arc Cosine, Arc Tan
Hyperbolic Sine, Hyperbolic Cosine, Hyperbolic Tan
Hyperbolic Arc Sine, Hyperbolic Arc Cosine, Hyperbolic Arc Tan
Multiplicative Inverse, Random Number Input, Factorial

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