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LIANG ZHOU - The Bear Kick  artwork The Bear Kick
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 21, 2018

The Bear Kick is Back!
Have you encountered many problems in your life, and are you struggling to find a suitable place to vent your anger?
I think The Bear Kick is a good choice, Here is no time limit,endless firepower and bullets, where you can fully release your pressure.
Novel gameplay, unique operation methods, shocking eardrum sounds,give you amazing visual that your attention is highly concentrated to forget troubles and get a good mood.
Collect free coins, multiple weapons and tools for you to choose from.
The new version not only added grenades, mines, circular saws, rockets, and even powerful laser guns.
Bear also has its own wardrobe, and seeing this bear that can’t discard,Do you want to experience the feeling of releasing stress immediately?
No goal,No achievement,No score!Fun is the terminal!

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